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The BuddyVerse Launcher


To access the BuddyVerse server from home you will need to download the BuddyVerse Launcher. This is a great idea prior to the camp; as your child plays on the server it will generate a lot of questions that we can answer in our camps, and they will be more familiar with the play environment when they arrive.

The BuddyVerse Launcher gives direct access to the server. Remember that your computer must have java 8 installed! If you use a Windows machine (Win 7, 8, 10), you can download the launcher from here http://buddyver.se/bvwindows and watch the following video to learn how to download and install it:

Download Windows launcher here


When installing on a Mac using the operating system called Mavericks you simply follow the instructions in the following video and then download the launcher from here http://buddyver.se/maclaunch

If you are using the latest Mac OS, called Yosemite or ElCapitan, you will need and additional version of Java in conjunction with java 8. Follow our video below. A direct link to the Java 6 download is http://buddyver.se/macjava6

If you need any help with this go check out our Launcher FAQ. You can also chat with us live, or if we are offline place a support ticket using the support link at the bottom left of the screen.