A Safe Minecraft Server For kids

So On Sunday At 11am I Will Be Live streaming Random Minigames And Maybe Some Bedwars And Hunger Games, Make Sure To Come Along Cause Im Also Gonna Be Doing A BV $ Giveaway Near The End
Time: Sunday 11am (Queensland)

Kind regards
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Hey Peeps Tomorrow I Will Be Holding an ANZAC Ceremony To Remember The People Who Served Our Country This Event Will Be Held On Clashing Cruises On The Top deck At Around 10:30am- 11:30am
To Get There For You New People /warp Cruise and fly up or walk up in the ship Your Choice Also If I Could Get 1 Or 2 Helpers Please (Let me Know in comments) I Will Also Be Making a Video On This And Ill Try And Get Some Anzac Music With It
After Events -
Boat Racing
Ok Thanks Bye
Hi Everyone.

On April the 9th (1pm-4pm Virtual camp day), we will hold BVSC and while we are doing that, we will also hold a BVSC movie night.
The warp is /warp BVSC to the BVSC place and there is no warp to the BVSC movie night.
I also need some people to be the movie actors (Humans, Zombies, ETC.).
You will need Optifine HD to see the movie (download link: http://optifine.net/downloads) to put this into Minecraft, follow these instructions.


1. If you have not yet, go to https://files.minecraftforge.net/ and look for 1.11.2 Forge.

2. Download 1.11.2 Forge with your installer type then go to http://optifine.net/downloads and download 1.11.2 Optifine HD.

3. If it says "This file may harm your computer. Do you want to keep this?" or whatever, click on "Keep" because this is just a Java folder and will not harm your computer.

4. Click Start and type %appdata% in your search box in Start. This should take you to your roaming folder

5. Look for folder .minecraft and go into that folder.

6. Look for mods in .minecraft and go in there.

7. Put Optifine HD in the mods folder in .minecraft

8. Play Minecraft and test the C zoom by going onto BuddyVerse and press C (You do not pause before pressing C because it will not work).


1. Go to http://optifine.net/downloads and click 1.11.2 Optifine HD.

2. If it comes up with "This file may harm your computer. Do you want to keep this?" or whatever, click on "Keep" because this is just a Java folder and will not harm your computer.

3. Click on the Optifine HD folder.

4. Click on "Install".

5. It should come up with "Optifine has successfully been installed".

6. Go to Minecraft and look for "Optifine" profile.

7. (Skip step 6 if you are doing this one) If you want, you can go to "settings" > "version" > "1.11.2_Optifine_HD" or related in another profile (In my case, my profile name is "Prince_Kayde" or I can use "BuddyVerse").

8. Go onto BuddyVerse and...
BuddyVerse has had THE BIG upgrade, and has some updated and VERY NEW features. To celebrate, we are holding a PARTY, a virtual camp.
All BV subscribers are invited and access is FREE. The Senior Admin team will be online, and TimmyTurbo will be broadcasting the event live.
There are prizes to be won, including Minecraft toys, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, and in-game 'loot'.
There are no tickets, just register your (or your childs) interest in the comments of this facebook post
If you are not subscribed you can request a 1 month FREE subscription via email - admin@buddyverse.com - we need to confirm you are the parent and your child's username. So, let your friends know that they can have a trial of the server for a month, AND join the hugest holiday party of the year.

-Ellis6502 (on behalf of TimmyTurbo)
Dis pic ish made by meh (^̮^)
Yes, you read the title right. Buddyverse is now running on minecraft 1.11.2.We feel the update went quite smoothly. We currently have Hub, jupiter, games and shire up and running. We are going to be releasing the rest of the worlds as we confirm that they are pretty much bug free

The launcher will not work so we ask that you use the ip: mc.buddyverse.com in the minecraft client until the launcher is updated.
-Edited main hub
-reset to default and added 1.11 stuff

-Edited Games hub

-New infection map with a map specific kit- treescaper
More info: https://buddyverse.com/forum/thread...sed-and-we-need-your-help-to-improve-it.1140/

-New Game!! Cart Racing Game (official name to be announced)
more info: https://buddyverse.com/forum/thread...ing-contest-at-bottom-of-post.1228/#post-7057

-New Game!! bed wars- 2 maps: kingdoms & CherryBlossom

-New Speef lobby and maps

-New Skywars lobby
-Skywars now runs on new plugin

-End and Nether realms have been reset to accommodate the massive changes to the end and new blocks in the nether

(Elytra anyone?)
If you are getting this error message you are running the wrong version of Minecraft. You can change this by clicking on 'Launcher options'in the default Minecraft launcher.
From there click, on one of the furnaces and open the drop-down menu next to 'Version.'
now select 1.11.2 And Click Save.
Click back onto 'news' and make sure the right profile appears at the bottom of the screen then click play.
connect to the BuddyVerse server like you would any other server.

Joolz has posted a YouTube video further down if you dont get what this is saying. If this fails, please comment down below and we will try and fix the problem.
-though rare, we have had reports...

The racing minigame I have been teasing and talking about will be ready in the 1.11.2 update. Come on over to THIS LINK to find out more information in regards to the game and the track list.

See ya there.

-Ultrux (Junior Developer)
DabbingIsBae_'s map, Last stand. Has won the infection map comp. We really liked the way he detailed the map and gave vantage points to both teams. Congratulations Dabbing, expect the map to be fully implemented in the game by April. :p

-The Snr Admin Team
Hey there peeps,
As of next week on Sunday, we will no longer be accepting infection map entries. if you do have a map please post the plot ID here. Judging will commence on Sunday and will post up the results on Monday and announce the winner on the day.

Good luck,
The admin team
Hi everyone, Tim has just came back on BV and i am settin' up a place to party (BVSC place /warp BVSC)
Hi Everyone, After the 2017 BVSC (see thread 2017 BVSC for more info) (i have changed the day to 31st January 2017), We Will Have A Movie At Plot ID: -11;4 at 5:30pm (for NSW, Tas and ACT EDT) movie night. @Joolz said he can be the judge at BVSC (Buddyverse Skin Comp). for each Aussie state's time at 5:30pm (for NSW and ACT EDT.) QLD and NT time: 4:30pm. WA time: 3:30pm. Broken Hill and SA time: 5:00pm. To Watch This Movie, You Need Either Optifine HD on the Normal Minecraft (IP: event.buddyverse.com or mc.buddyverse.com) Or Use The BV Launcher That Has Optifine HD