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Camp Leader Program

BuddyVerse Camp Leaders host events for kids to play, learn and socialise in a safe online Minecraft environment.


Minecraft is a game that was developed in Sweden.  In the last few years it has sold over 100,000,000 licences and seems to have a diverse audience. Most kids start playing this game on an iPad or a console like Xbox or PS4, and many graduate to playing on PC or Mac, which has more complex gameplay.  More often than not they play by themselves or with peers/siblings.

The idea to provide a structured environment where kids can play Minecraft together, face to face was developed by Tim Wicks, an Australian educator. Tim has developed a successful business model delivering workshops using Minecraft. The highly successful BuddyVerse Minecraft Camps engage children aged 5 to 15 year olds bringing them together, in the same room, introducing them to the online server, BuddyVerse. Throughout the day kids connect, collaborate, complete quests and enter challenges.

Tim could not keep up with the demand for Minecraft events, as more and more parents from around the world requested his BuddyVerse Minecraft Camps. His success is duplicatable, and is now available for other entrepreneurs in the form of the Camp Leader program.

The Camp Leader program empowers you, the business owner with:

"In a bid to keep up with the insane demand for Minecraft Camps, I developed the Camp Leader program".

          Tim Wicks, Founder.

For more information about being a Camp Leader, visit our Camp Leader specific FAQ here.

To take the next step in becoming a Camp Leader you need to book a meeting with Tim Wicks, you can book a time here. These meetings usually take 30 to 45 minutes, so Tim's preferred contact method is Skype. No further progress in the application stage can occur without that meeting.