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Hi Everyone, we didn't get a chance to do Athletes and Olympics in 2016 so we are doing it this year (2017) (hopefully) at the 2017 BVSC (see thread 2017 BVSC for more info about BVSC) and the Person In First Place Will Be Rewarded With $100 and to be trusted to the Tree City (plot ID: -18;-11) and if i am offline, just tell an admin and the judge will be... idk yet

If I Am Offline And Somebody Has Asked You To Get Me, Please Put It As A Conversation If You Don't Mind, Kind Regards :)
Hi Everyone.

Please Read This.
It's Important

We are now officially having BVSC for the first time ever.

@TimmyTurbo and I (@Prince_Kayde) will run BVSC.

@hazzer250 will be the judge of BVSC.

If @TimmyTurbo Can't Come, i'll see if @Joolz can.

Day will be Friday Janurary 6th.
Time will be 4:30pm EDT.

We need A lot of people to come and people with Samurai, Coach, Trial-Mod and CampHero ranks can you please come to me for skin comp.

to prevent fights we have this option to use.

if we have more than 5 Players for the skin comp, we will hold a Paper, Sissors, Rock Comp to see who gets to go in.

Youtubers are free to record a video.

Please come for free food and drinks.

Sorry there's a lot of words to read.
From @Prince_Kayde

For the past 2 years I've been thinking of new minigame that I would really like. It's a racing game (Yes I said racing game)

The minigame is not out but I want to get hype going, also I want to run a competition of sorts. Basically in the Jupiter world, I want you guys to build your best race track (real life or fantasy) that you would like on the racing minigame, There is no time limit and no restrictions.

Well, the only restriction is that you can't build figure of 8 tracks which is unfortunate.

Other than that, it's all freedom.

The best tracks will be actual tracks on the minigame once it's finished :)

I know for a while that there is a discord server for buddyverse but it wasn't really setup that well and instead of fixing it, I just made a new discord server which will be the official discord server.

It has public chat/voice rooms, staff chat rooms, general and gaming chat and much more.

Once joined, let me know your rank on the server and I'll assign it on the discord server.


PS: Let me know any discord suggestions if you have them :)
Hello All,

For the past year I have been accumulating ideas on how to make buddyverse better not just for the players but for the camps and staff.

What I need from everyone is their input on the server and how we can improve.

What I want is what you want in the server such as gamemodes, plugins and general improvements.

Your feedback will come a long way on how BuddyVerse operates. and who knows, you might be rewarded for your feedback if it comes to the light.

Thanks for your feedback if your submitting some and as always, have a great time :)

Hey guys, so it seems like everyone has decided to go with the plan of a new world for the shire, and I'll be introducing the reset date and some conditions.

Inventories won't be reset so you will be able to transport over any items that you like in your inventory, or if you want to start completely new you don't have to bring anything. The reset date will be December 16, which I assume is holidays for everyone and on a Saturday too just to be sure, so if you want to see the new world as soon as it comes out, make sure you be there! If you have any problems regarding the reset please make sure you report them to me before December 17. Until then, everyone have a nice day and I look forward to seeing you on BV :)
Hey guys. I thought of this idea the other day and I wanted to know what you guys think, because some things need to be cleared up.

Not many people have played much lately either because they are bored or have other things in the way, so we wanna find ways to make BuddyVerse more enjoyable. The first thing that came to my mind was the survival world or as you may know it, The Shire. The world is pretty messy and so many chunks have been generated and soon chunks might start to go corrupt if we aren't careful. The idea came to my mind to reset the Survival world and everything else in it and I'll give you some good reasons why.

1. You will have a new world with new biomes, dungeons and villages to explore
2. The world will be clean and you will be able to find homes easier
3. This will possibly clear a lot of lag as there won't be as many chunks generated as before, so you will have smoother gameplay.
4. Many resources that had been taken at first will be refreshed and easier to find.

There are other fun things to do in a new world and I'm sure many of you would know the pros and cons of a new world, but I want you guys to vote. Should we keep our old world which is a bit messy and laggy, or should we start fresh in a new world with new villages, dungeons, temples, ores, caves and biomes?
Hello fellow players,
Many of you may have noticed a couple small changes to the hub over the weekend, this is in preparation for the Halloween party that I and the rest of the Snr admins plan to hold.
The party will start at 3pm Sunday 29/10 and will include a hide and seek around the hub, a skin competition and a build battle.(events are not final)
(If you have any other ideas Please suggest them however we will not be taking any more suggestions after the weekend before the Halloween one).

Happy Halloween and may you be blessed with tones of lollies
-The Snr admin team
Hey Guys Clash Here Today We Have A New Cruise All Details Down Below Staff Will Need To Be There 30Mins Before. Also Can We Please Vote Above If Your coming Thanks Also If (|) Is Shown That Breaks The Cruises Up for Example: Cruise Type: Demo (|) Tour Cruise. So That Way If Theirs 2 Cruises On I Don't Have To Create 2 Threads All Payments Must Be Made 2 Days Before To Me Or Hazzer250 Thanks
-Clashing Cruises

Cruise Type: Event

Cruise Duration: 4 Hours

Cruise Date: 10th December

Cruise Cost: $3000 / Bvpa Packages Haz Has Provided

Ship Name:

Start Time: 1pm

Please Note If It Is A Event Cruise It Will Be Having Longer Stops And Time Will be Longer

Thanks Clashing

Event Cruise

3 Hours


Business Cruise

2 Hours

$1000 - $2000

Camp Cruise

30 Mins

$500 - $1500

Demo Cruise

30 Mins

Tour Cruise

2 Hours

$1000 - $2250
Relax Cruise

1 Hour 30 Mins

$1000 - $3000
Long Cruise

4 Hours

$6000 - $10000

Short Cruise

2 Hours

$500 - $1500
Please Note This Is Ingame Money Not In Real Life Money Thank You -Clashing Cruises
Bvpa is fast approaching, from the start of the year to the end people have been voting for players who deserve these prestigious awards. Be sure to purchase your official BVPA packages Here. Id you Haven't Yet voted please do so, you vote may be the one who decides who wins the award.

BVPA Best Staff Member

BVPA Most Creative
BVPA Kindest to All
BVPA Best Faction
BVPA Best Contributor
BVPA Best Builder
BVPA Best Forum Citizen
BVPA Best City

Be sure to be the best you can, we are still deciding who will be the Player of the year. @DeClasher is holding a special event cruise before the ceremony so be sure to purchase your tickets or buy a package including the cruise. Also remember to rent out an official BVPA villa near the stage, you can stay the night in BV City. So be sure to turn up at 6:30 for pictures and seating...