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LIVE Build Comp
Hello, for the second time we are having a build comp! This time the theme is:
Modern Nature

Build the best you can, the best team/player will get nominated for best builder at this years BVPAS, if they haven't already been nominated. Here are some of our rules:

No Copying
No Major world edit
must be 1 jupiter plot
must follow the theme
no more than 3 players to a team
No inappropriate builds
No heads
No Holograms
No cheating

I will judge this contest, these are the prizes:

First: $50000, Nominated For Best Builder
Second: $25000
Third: $10000

Good luck to all of you and i can't wait to see some of your Modern Nature Builds, If your unsure of the topic, please refer to me online :).

Lately I have been asked to find some way to make it easier to get far away from spawn, So, I did. You may notice some portals at spawn, these portals lead to Spawn Branches, seperate spawning areas. The is one in each direction, north, south, east and west, you can use these portals to travel away from spawn easily.
EDIT: /delhomes is still having issues, we will post here the moment it is working properly.

I have sorted out the missing homes issue @WicketDog and @Jarvo04, and that will be resolved tonight, as it requires a full server restart. I have also sorted out the limited admin homes @AlexCreeper1 so that will be fixed after the full restart.

There were about 20 claims (across all of Edoras) that had no name attached. I cant tell where it happened or how. So my advice is find your claims and check them, and reclaim then. If they say that they are owned by 'Someone' then get an admin or Camp Leader to /deleteclaim and reclaim. I have had to do it for a couple of people.
There is a new map in Hide N Seek called SpagBol, check it out, it is a great map (thanks to @CookieCrazyDawn for touching it up).

Even bigger news is that we can now hide as mobs.

Important Factions
As most of you probably already know, tomorrow (24th of april) the new factions server is opening, firstly i'd like to thank tim, cookie, ellis, toad, ryan and slips for the massive help they gave to create the server. Now all of us have put a lot of effort and time into this server for you guys so we would really appreciate it if you told us about glitches/problems immediately after you discover them.

Definition of faction: a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics. -Wikipedia definition

Now, some of you have already played factions and know how it works, but for the some of you that don't, here is a basic guide to help you out.

at spawn there are portals/signs, each portal leads to different areas like nether, shops etc,

Now, me and my twin brother, chookas250 are going to setup a faction called fallentree.
To join this faction you can do /f join fallentree
if you don't like do /f leave fallentree
If you want to get to your faction base /f home

Now if your feeling brave, you might want to set up your own faction, but i suggest joining one, i would mind have several giant factions online.

to set up your own faction type /f create <faction name>
these are the basic commands that will help you to get started, to get into the tough stuff, click here.

I hope you enjoy trengor and take it for a spin! To get there do /warp factions. Any other questions? Please comment them down below and i will try and answer them all.

P.S. Factions does include raiding so please don't be surprised when you get on and your base is griefed and your chests are empty. Any bad behaviour will cost you a warning, please use this server responsibly, and don't get angry when you loose. Try not to die otherwise your faction could loose power, leaving them vulnerable to opposing attacks. Enjoy yourself and remember, control yourself.

For some time now we have ben revamping BuddyVerse on a test server. We have some fixes happening, but mostly is it to get the perms working properly (the biggest fix), to get the forum and the server integrated and to rename servers/worlds.

Most of the bug reports we have on the forum will be marked as solved from tomorrow.

Nothing we have done will really change anything much. Warps stay the same......most things really. You will notice cosmetic changes, like the names of servers on the large signs above portals.

There is a new skywars map made by @Gemstone_Dragon called Sakura. It is awesome and you ought to try it out.

There is a new hub for Skyblocks

We improved /homes so that it now only shows a list of names, not coordinates (delhomes is still not working)

There are some new parkour maps, and a few more will be added over the next month.

One big change is the addition of a factions server. Congratulations to @Hazzer250 for developing it and getting it to the point where you get to play on it. Try it out at /warp factions - Hazz will be making a post soon with basic commands and what to do.

If there is something missing, or you have a concern, feel free to post in the comments below. We have had issues with ranks changing, this should be fixed now, but if there is an issue let us know.
Have you ever been bored n the server, or just want to build something? Well here is your opportunity! I have just set up a community city at /warp BVCOM (buddy verse Community). I created this so people wouldn't get so bored, just hop on and build a house, a sky scraper or a shop. I have started 4 roads, please follow them and don't build anything if it isn't next to a road. We do need an airport so ben can send planes to us, we also need houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, and anything else you can think of. this is a community, not a serious one, so don't be scared to try some things new, i will pick some people to watch the city when I'm offline just to make sure it stays 'safe'. so whenever you want to hop on and start building, dont worry about making your build to big, i have claimed 16 jup plots and merged them, i hope you enjoy playing there and i hope to see they city looking amazing! Please try and build as much as you can! that would be awesome! please also continue with the theme of my road so it doesn't look weird :p ALSO Please do not build inappropriate or senseless things like lava pits or pixel art, do not grief either. i can't wait to see some of your best builds there! Also what should the city be called? because BV Community doesn't sound very smooth, reply what you think down below!
Role play is fun, and popular on the BuddyVerse server. We now have 2 specific roleplay channels

RPfamilies - /ch rpf
RPschools /ch rps

If there becomes an obvious need for other roleplay channels, I can create them, but it needs to be proven to be something lots of peeps want
Hey guys Prince_Kayde here recently my wipeout contest has become popular since I have winners and tim said he would make a warp to get there and here are my winners
1st: Jareththeking
2nd: KRG07
3rd: The3Crazies
Announcement Arcade Champion Badges
Everyone that becomes a champion in an arcade game, AND holds onto the champions title for 1 month, receive a badge for that game. You will need to request the badge in the same way you would with an in game badge.

I gave out badges to those that currently are champions of each game. Sorry, but the Super Mario and Tower game were deleted.