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Just checking....is Buddyverse down? Seems to have a huge connect problem here in Perth!
hi guys at 2:30 my wipe out contest will be on so plz can I have about 8 players to play and a lot of players watching in Jupiter, if you cannot come just post it here
Hey guys, today is cookie's b'day, I have a place set up. Its in marz and just tpa or tp if you like. This is a surprise for cookie, Plz don't let her know until we got 20 peeps or a little more up to 24. Thanks -Kyan
Announcement Economy Reset
Our shop plugin has an exploit. It means that some one worked out how to make billions of dollars (whilst making others super poor) and then shared all of that money. This may have made that person feel like a hero at the time. Unfortunately it has ruined our economy. Also, people who didn't work for things were able to get them for free, like Ultra Cosmetics. We will be clearing all items that can be purchased from the database.

The person was in our leadership group and has lost their rank. I asm pretty unhappy with them, as it has cost me a lot of time to try and fix the mess they made - when it was their role to report problems, not exploit them. Now we have to reset the economy. This means that I am resetting everyone back to an even amount of money. It is not finalised yet, but I am going to make it $100,000 each.

Don't bother complaining, an important part of being in the leadership group is helping maintain a fun and safe server, and it is disappointing that someone has done this in a sneaky way.

The shop plugin will be offline until we get it fixed.
Announcement Congratulations ellis!
Recently, A great player (ellis6502) Received the privilege of joining the senior admin ranks. Congrats to ellis for putting in so much effort and being a great admin, I know you will do a great job in your new role and Guardian. Along with renders and kindness, he also brings knowledge, experience and balance to the server, GO ELLIS! :p
Announcement Level Up Prizes
You know that there are badges for forum achievements, right, like just playing on valentines day

or getting your first 'like'

AND that you can now apply for badges from in game achievements, right? Like levelling up as a hunter

Well, each time you get a badge, and each badge is worth points. When you get enough points, you level up on the forum:
Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.08.13 PM.png

:):D:rolleyes:So here is why we have levels, so you can win PRIZES!!!!o_O:p:confused:

When you reach:

LEVEL 15 - You win a 'Pack' (not including the DungeonMaster) from the BuddyVerse shop - shop.buddyverse.com

LEVEL 30 - You win a 'Pack' (not including the DungeonMaster) & a pet of your choice for 3 months from the BuddyVerse shop - shop.buddyverse.com

LEVEL 50 - Any 3 'Pack' items from the BuddyVerse shop - shop.buddyverse.com

LEVEL 100 - ANY single item from the BuddyVerse shop - shop.buddyverse.com (excluding 'merchandise)

LEVEL 200 - Any 2 items from the BuddyVerse shop - shop.buddyverse.com

Once you have reached the appropriate level, please draw my attention to your new level here https://buddyverse.com/forum/forums/badgeapp/
and I will get you a code for the prize you have won.
Important No more IP address
If you have been using an IP address to access the server, you will now need to download the launcher and use that. The launcher works, and now has optifine and shaders, so there is no reason not to use it. Letting peeps use their own launcher often leads to hacked clients and cheating.

No More!!!

Get the launcher from https://buddyverse.com/download
NEW Badges
You are probably aware that there are badges that you can win as part of using the forum. Recently we began to add dozens more badges that are related to what you do on the server. If you complete a task on the server, and report it in the badges forum (with evidence) we will award you a badge. We will have rewards from the BuddyVerse shop for achieving key Levels.
The badges include:

YouTuber 1st video

Level 10 Hunter

Technician - Logic Gate

Each badge offers points towards levelling up, and levelling up gets you in-game rewards.

Go here https://buddyverse.com/forum/badges/ to see the badges available (more to come).

and apply for your in-game badges here https://buddyverse.com/forum/forums/badgeapp/

You can apply retrospectively - this means, if you did your first Youtube video last year, and now have 200 subs, providing you can prove you have done your first BV vid, you can have the badge.

Most of the badges for doing stuff on the forum are awarded automatically.