6 Most Asked Questions When Looking To Get Tickets For A Camp

Want to join a BuddyVerse Minecraft event? Here are our 6 most frequently asked questions, and links to the answers:

1. What is a BuddyVerse Minecraft Camp? https://buddyverse.com/forum/faq/what-is-a-minecraft-camp.14/

2. How do I find events near me? https://buddyverse.com/camps-map

3. Where do I start? 6 things you need to know before buying a ticket https://buddyverse.com/forum/faq/this-is-our-1st-camp-what-do-we-need-to-do.43/

4. How do I register on the site, and whats this about adding attendees https://buddyverse.com/forum/faq/camps-site-registration.64/

5. How do I buy tickets? https://buddyverse.com/forum/faq/buying-tickets.65/

6. We are bringing our own laptop, do we just rock up? https://buddyverse.com/forum/faq/byol-bring-your-own-laptop-set-up.69/
Buying Event Tickets
Mar 26, 2016
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