Are There Rules About How We Use The Server?

There sure are:

Our Values guide us, but sometimes it is good to know what some of the more specific rules are. Breaking these rules have consequences, which are listed below also.

In Game Chat
  • Spamming: Sending too many and/or repeating the same message in chat within a short period of time.
  • Caps: Sending messages with an excessive amount of capital letters.
  • General Rudeness: Being intentionally rude to other players or staff using derogatory words/phrases
  • Hackusation: Accusing another player of "hacking" or cheating
  • Trolling: Saying things that mislead players or intend to cause confusion
  • Mini-Modding: Non-staff trying to enforce rules against players.
  • Protesting: Arguing with players or attempting to argue against a staff punishment
  • Advertising: Sending a link, name, or IP address which directs players to non-Nexus related content.
  • Bypassing Chat Filters: Purposely trying to send a message which contains a blocked word or phrase
  • Ghosting: Giving away information that only spectators may know
  • Any form of Discrimination: Racism/Sexism/Religious or Homophobic Remarks
  • Cyberbullying/Deathwishing: Continuously harassing a player and/or encouraging suicide
  • Staff impersonation: Saying that you are staff when you obviously are not
  • Threatening: Telling someone you will hack/DDoS them or other types of threatening
  • Inappropriate links: Linking someone to something extremely inappropriate...
  • Admitting to hacking: Saying that you hack
  • You are not to use Obfuscated chat
  • You are also not to use color in your chat unless you have bought that permission/command from the BuddyVerse Shop; you may use colour on signs
1. 2 warnings in chat
2. an official warning
3. Temporary mute (15 minutes)
4 Temporary mute (3 hours)
5. Temporary Ban for a day
6. Permanent Ban
In some cases we will skip some of these, depending on the severity of the offence.

General Offenses
  • Team Killing: Attempting to kill a teammate
  • Trolling: Purposely trying to ruin the game for others or intentionally appearing to violate a rule
  • Map Exploiting: Abusing the map to get an advantage over others
  • Bug Exploiting: Abusing a bug to intentionally give yourself an advantage
  • Using lava or other means of damage to kill players when PVP is normally disabled
  • Spawn Killing: Repeatedly killing a player after they respawn in a game
  • Stat Boosting: Ambusing exploits, sharing accounts, and playing on multiple servers at once to raise statistics or Credits
  • Stalling: 2 or more players intentionally delaying a game
  • Punishment Evasion: Using another account to evade a ban or mute placed on your personal account.
Other Offences
  • Inappropriate Skins
  • Inappropriate Names
  • Inappropriate Capes
  • Targeting staff
  • Teaming above the team limit
  • Scamming: Mostly for factions, whether it be auction scamming or other scamming
  • Client Mods: Use of any modifications that aren't approved
  • Hacking: The use of any sort of "hack" or "hacked client".
Approved Client Mods
  • Optifine
  • Shaders Mods
  • Capes Mods
  • Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
  • Blocks3D Mod
  • Gamma/Brightness Mods
  • InGame Info Mod
  • bspkr's Armor, Direction, and Status effect HUDs
  • UHC Essentials
  • Joystick Mods
Anything not listed should be considered BANNED and may cause you to be temporarily or indefinitely suspended without warning.
Dec 23, 2015
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