BYOL (Bring Your Own laptop) Set Up

The answer to this FAQ is particularly important for an onsite Camp, though you can get just as much fro it if you are setting up at home.

Update Java
Java must be up to date on your computer. Updating java is as simple as searching in Google for 'Java Update' which should lead you to which will offer your computers latest available option. Download and install. Macs need a second version of java, the lik to it is in the section on downloading the Launcher.

Download The BuddyVerse Launcher
Go to this page, and download the launcher suitable for your computer. please note that Mac computers require a second version of java.
Please run the Launcher before the event, and ensure your kids can log in using it.

Turn Off Updates
This is different on PC vs Mac, and can vary on different Windows operating systems. Use a search string like 'disable updates windows 10' (replace Windows 10 with whatever you are using). If you have tried to turn off updates and still need help, contact us through the support at the bottom right of screen.

Turn Off Any Unnecessary Software
People (especially kids) have a lot of software running in the background of their laptops. This will slow their machine down and ensure that their experience is diminished. you can try Googling this, however you will need to know what is running that is not essential. Some popular non essential software is Skype, Steam and any app/program that is for gaming and social media.

Check The Essential Components
You may laugh, but there have been occasions where we have had people come to a Camp and their laptop is missing keys. You can't play Minecraft without the 'W' key! If your laptop is missing a key, get a keyboard that will plug in via USB. If the trackpad is dodgy, get a mouse.
one other very important component in the laptop is the wireless. The wireless must be working; please test it before coming to the Camp.
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Feb 3, 2016
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