This Is Our 1st Camp - What Do We Need To Do?

The excitement is building as the BuddyVerse Minecraft Camp for your child approaches. We know, as we hear exactly that every week. Please find below some information that will certainly help you prepare for the Camp and ensure that your child has everything they need to make it an extra special day.

1. Get registered, and added your children as attendees
Adding you kids as attendees makes ordering multiple tickets for multiple sessions easier, and it is a once off process. If you are unsure, follow this tutorial:

2. Do you have a Minecraft account (computer, not iPad or xBox)?
If yes, go to number 3. If you don't have a paid PC/Mac Minecraft account, we recommend you get one. Purchase a Minecraft account at
Make sure you write down:
  • the email address you used to start the Minecraft account
  • the password you gave when creating the Minecraft account
  • the username you chose when creating the Minecraft account.
These details are important for the day of the camp.

If you don't want to get a Minecraft account yet then we can provide an account on the day, however, note that nothing your child builds or earns will be accessible when they come back on the server at home, and they will not get the subscription to the server.

3. Have you downloaded the BuddyVerse Launcher?
If yes, the move on to number 3. If not, instructions to download and install the BuddyVerse Launcher for Windows 7, 8 & 10 and Mac are here:
The BuddyVerse launcher is a critical component of our security.

4. Has your child logged into the server from home?

It is important that your child has logged in to their account on the BuddyVerse server at least a couple of times before they attend a camp. It can be harrowing for a child if they start a camp and their account has not been created properly, or verification failed, or other such issues. Connecting to the server prior to a camp also gives them the opportunity to get familiar with the server before the camp, and ensuring there is little wait time on the day.

5. Bring your own laptop (Onsite Camps Only)
We are now allowing children to bring their own laptops. If you choose this option, you must read the information provided at this link:
Please Note - Failure to take the time to read and act upon that information could lead to a less than satisfactory experience.

6. The Camp Commands Booklet (Onsite Camps Only)
We now offer a very special booklet for our camps. These booklets have the essential commands the kids will use, and answers to the most asked questions at a camp. These booklets are available at the camp, printed and bound for $5, in a handy A5 size. Alternatively we offer a free download of the same book in PDF format, which you are welcome to print out and send along with your child. You can download the BuddyVerse Camp Commands booklet from
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Dec 26, 2015
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