What Is The BuddyVerse Server?

The BuddyVerse server was initially developed for the Founder’s son. He noticed that his son wanted to play Minecraft on multiplayer servers, and that left to himself, he would join servers with swearing and bullying behaviours. Tim Wicks created the BuddyVerse server with kid safe Minecraft as his core goal. The server is now used in Minecraft Camps and is a 24/7 live server that can be played from anywhere in the world, anytime.

So What Is It Exactly?

It is a massive multiplayer Minecraft server. It has plugins (add ons) to help kids keep their builds safe and anti-swearing to stop the potty mouths spoiling children's fun. The BuddyVerse server is diverse; it has multiple creative worlds, survival worlds and games servers. It also has exclusive worlds that are just for schools and community groups. It is a safe place to play because it is moderated by teachers. The adults work with kids in a leadership program, to help the kids run the server.

The leadership program runs outside of the server (in real life), in Camps, and is integrated into the server, through ranks. There is also an in-game economy, as the children need to save up to purchase land and materials and other special functions within the game.

How is it safe?
  • staff/leaders have a low tolerance for people that ignore our 4 server values: Be Kind, Be Helpful, Use Your Manners & Have Fun. There are consequences for repeatedly not following the rules. The consequences are upheld for the enjoyment of the majority of players.
  • Teachers moderate the server. They love Minecraft and enjoy working with kids when they are passionate, and boy, can kids be passionate about Minecraft!
  • There are plugins to restrict anti-social behaviour and ‘griefing’.
Dec 23, 2015
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