Update Buddyverse 1.11.2 is now live!!

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By Ellis6502 on Mar 27, 2017 at 3:48 PM
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    Yes, you read the title right. Buddyverse is now running on minecraft 1.11.2.We feel the update went quite smoothly. We currently have Hub, jupiter, games and shire up and running. We are going to be releasing the rest of the worlds as we confirm that they are pretty much bug free

    The launcher will not work so we ask that you use the ip: mc.buddyverse.com in the minecraft client until the launcher is updated.
    -Edited main hub
    -reset to default and added 1.11 stuff

    -Edited Games hub

    -New infection map with a map specific kit- treescaper
    More info: https://buddyverse.com/forum/thread...sed-and-we-need-your-help-to-improve-it.1140/

    -New Game!! Cart Racing Game (official name to be announced)
    more info: https://buddyverse.com/forum/thread...ing-contest-at-bottom-of-post.1228/#post-7057

    -New Game!! bed wars- 2 maps: kingdoms & CherryBlossom

    -New Speef lobby and maps

    -New Skywars lobby
    -Skywars now runs on new plugin

    -End and Nether realms have been reset to accommodate the massive changes to the end and new blocks in the nether

    (Elytra anyone?)
    If you are getting this error message you are running the wrong version of Minecraft. You can change this by clicking on 'Launcher options'in the default Minecraft launcher.
    From there click, on one of the furnaces and open the drop-down menu next to 'Version.'
    now select 1.11.2 And Click Save.
    Click back onto 'news' and make sure the right profile appears at the bottom of the screen then click play.
    connect to the BuddyVerse server like you would any other server.

    Joolz has posted a YouTube video further down if you dont get what this is saying. If this fails, please comment down below and we will try and fix the problem.
    -though rare, we have had reports of this error message being displayed.
    If it is displayed, just try to re-connect. This usually works.
    Main BV hub

    Games Hub

    Skywars Hub

    -Buddyverse Staff
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Discussion in 'Latest Server News' started by Ellis6502, Mar 27, 2017.

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