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By hazzer250 on Jan 10, 2016 at 2:19 AM
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    Hello there, fellow Buddyversians! As an architect of the buddy verse server, I am In-charge of arranging build comps for your enjoyment and occasional suffering. For my first build comp I have selected the theme:
    Fallen Empire
    To celebrate the release of Star War;The Force Awakens. You build must be at least as big as 1 Marz plot, your build can be medieval, futuristic, or what ever else you choose, just make sure your build fits the theme. Your builds will be scored in three different areas, all out of 100, Concept & Originality, Execution & Technique, and Presentation. You have until the 21st of February (my Birthday, Don't forget that either) to complete, take photos and send in your entree. You are allowed to work in teams from 1-4, but no more. The rules are:
    No copying
    You can't use builds built before this contest was announced
    No switching teams
    No editing you build after you have sent it in
    No mods
    You MUST use the default texture pack.

    However, You are allowed the following

    Simple World Edit (//copy, //paste, //set, //replace etc)
    2 edited photos in the entree, or 2 with shaders
    inspirational photos

    Please post your entrees down below, with photos, plot ID and who built it (imager albums are greatly appreciated). Prizes for first second and third will be issued;
    $50000 in game money
    Custom Skin
    Fallen Empire Building Kit for the shire
    Spot on the BVPA Build Team for 2016 if you score over 280

    $25000 in game money
    Fallen Empire kit for the shire

    Fallen Empire Kit for the shire
    Fallen Empire Kit includes: A stack of each variation of stone brick, Wool (64x), Sandstone (64x), Vines (64x), Webs (32x), Leaves (64x), Bookshelves (32x) and diamond tools. If you come first, Please contact Me about your skin, either, over Skype, the forum or ingame. Also, If you fail to comply with any 1 rule, you will be disqualified. I will post the final Leaderboard On the 21st of February(me and chookas250's Birthday). Please be aware that additional prizes may be awarded. Please note: Prize money will be split between the team member of your team, but not the kit or the skin. Judges: Hazzer250, Chookas250, CookieCrazyDawn.Good Luck, Be original, and may the force be with you!

    Here are just a few quick ideas to get you started!

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Discussion in 'Events' started by hazzer250, Jan 10, 2016.

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