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Free Trial

Taking our free trial on the BuddyVerse server is a great move. You will get to see most of what is on offer, with enough time to check out those things you like most about Minecraft.

Our free trial is now for 7 days.  You will have the base rank 'guest' on the server which has limited functionality, just enough to get you started.  Once you decide to join the server through subscription or through a camp you will be able to work your way through our awesome ranks.

Minecraft Username
Parent's email
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Your application will be processed within an hour. Your username will be whitelisted (added) to our server once we accept your application. The BuddyVerse server is ideally suited to 5 to 15 year olds, so if you are outside of that age range please contact us directly at support@buddyverse.com - In fact parents/adults wanting to join the server should email us directly at support@buddyverse.com as we are very strict about who joins the server. We highlight who the adults are on the server via ranks.

To save time you can download the BuddyVerse Launcher in preparation for play. Get the Launcher and further details here:http://buddyverse.com/download

We know you will love playing on the server, and when your 7 days is up, you can purchase a 6 month subscription for $15 here:https://buddyverse.com/subscribe

Please note: if you have subscrobed or bought a Camp ticket you will already have access to the server, you will not need a free trial.