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Why register & add your children as attendees?
When you buy a ticket to an event 2 important things happen:

  1. Your child's username is added to the whitelist. The whitelist is our security, keeping the bad guys off the server. Without the whitelist the server would be like all the rest - unsafe.
  2. We award a cool rank to your child's account. The rank gives them a cool name (CampHero), new abilities, and an awesome 'kit' (diamond equipment etc).
Registration allows you to add each of your children as attendees. It is after you add them as an attendee that we can do the whitelisting and add the rank. It is a once off process that also ensures that the next time you return to buy a ticket the process is super fast. We have made a tutorial on how to register and add attendees here: http://buddyver.se/bvregistration Once you have registered and added your kids as attendees, you can search for their event here: https://buddyverse.com/camps

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